Are there Penguins in the Arctic?

Several people who went on the trips to the European Arctic, the common questions that they come across are “are there penguins in the Arctic?” While traveling through the Spitsbergen, Greenland, Scotland, or Norway, you cannot get a chance to see the penguin at all as their home is nearby to 19,000 kilometers far in […]

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Do Penguins Have Tails?

While looking at the penguin, have you seen its tail? What you think that do penguins have tails? Think about it for a minute and then look for the answer in the below article. It is true that penguins have tails which are quite short in length and its shape looks similar to the wedge.

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What Sound Do Penguins Make?

Penguins belonging to the different class almost look similar but are there also sounds same? Do you know that what sound do penguins make? Penguins have different calls, sounds or vocalizations. They possess apparent vocalizations that are recognizable by their mates as well as “chicks.” According to some researches, the female and the male Emperor

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Do Penguins Have Blubber?

When people see penguins surviving the harsh weather conditions of Antarctica, they often ask, do penguins have blubber? The answer is a resounding yes. Penguins have evolved to make it through the low temperatures, harsh winds, snow, and freezing waters. Their blubber plays a vital role in their survival as it helps them to retain

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Why Do Penguins Waddle?

Even though waddling walk of penguins is not absolutely admirable, they are forcefully elegant. They can move smoothly in water but on land, they have to put extra effort to walk. One of the much-known facts of the waddling walk of penguins is the physique. The body mass of penguins’ is greater than any other

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What Do Penguins Taste Like?

Have you ever wondered what penguin’s taste like? Yes, not many of them would have tasted or have seen in the menu of any hotels. Some scientists who went to Antarctica, have eaten penguins as medicine for healthy survival. From the famous physician Frederick Cook’s information, we have come to know that it gives a

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How Are Penguins Not Extinct?

Penguins are the beautiful flightless bird which is always an attraction to the eyes of the people that glimpse the waddling cute little creatures. Below are the reasons how penguins are not extinct. Relocating: Due to global warming, the penguins move to the Antarctic Polar Front in search of food and a good place to

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Do Penguins Have Teeth?

Watching penguins eat fish or krill always makes one wonder, do penguins have teeth? Well, the simple answer is that no, they do not have teeth. In fact, penguins have serrated needle-like spines on the top and bottom of the inside of their mouth which helps them in swallowing prey. These serrated spines can also

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How Do Penguins Stay Warm?

Some of the penguins live in icy places like the Antarctic region where the temperature of the water never increases beyond the freezing points. Certain species of the penguin lives in the North. However, maximum of the penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. These flightless birds that live on the ice and ice packed oceans

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