About Us

The Idea

Penguins are one of the most wonderful creatures in the world, and many species of penguins are on the endangered lists, too. Raising awareness about penguins is one way to make sure penguins are with us for a long time to come. This website was created to give visitors information about penguins, their unique features, and living environments. By presenting the unique facts about penguins in an easy to understand manner, we hope our future generations can see these beautiful marine birds in their natural environments.

The Beginning

With rising concerns about global warming and animal conservation, it is more relevant than any time to pay attention to the endangered status of the penguins. The decision to start this blog was made to create a knowledge base for all and any information related to penguins that will help new readers in learning all they can about these marine wonders. We also wanted a platform that will encourage questions, queries, and discussion to bring up new facets of information about penguins.

Our Mission

Our mission with this blog is to bring relevant and useful information about penguins to our readers. With all the resources available online, it can be difficult at times to find out the exact information you are looking for. We ensure that relevant resources back the facts in our articles while the writing is easy to understand and remember. By providing references for further reading, we give our reader a deeper insight into the penguin behavior, their life, and the threats they face today.

David, Chief Editor

I got interested in penguins from a young age and as I grew I realized that penguins are such fascinating birds. I made it a mission to create a website where all information about penguins could be accessed in an easy to read format.

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