How are Penguins Different from Other Birds

Penguins Are Different from Birds as they have Solid Bones

When you look up the biological classification of a penguin, you will observe that they are classified as marine birds. But how are penguins different from other birds? Well, there are many ways in which penguins share their physical characteristics with other birds. But at the same time, penguins are different from birds in many ways. These differences don’t mean that penguins are not birds, they are simply birds of a different kind and their habitat and way of living is uncommon for most birds.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the ways in which penguins are different from other birds.

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How do Penguins Protect Themselves from Predators

Penguins Are Excellent Swimmers That Helps Them To Escape Predators

Penguins live in some of the most inhospitable regions of the world. Even in these regions, penguins have predators in water and on land. Have you ever thought how do penguins protect themselves from predators? Well, penguins have evolved to develop several strategies that give them an advantage against predators that might be looking to hunt the penguins or their chicks.

Whether on land or in water, penguins can escape and evade their predators most of the times, but at times the predators get an upper hand. If hunted too much, penguin population can face a decline which is why many penguin species are now placed under endangered species list. As a protected species, penguins are safe from being hunted by humans as it is punishable by law. Any risk that penguins face is either from the weather, other penguins, and land or sea-based predators.

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Are there Penguins in Hawaii?

African penguins in Kaanapali Beach, Maui

Yes, penguins live in Hawaii. As we all know, penguins are endemic to Southern Hemisphere, where few species of penguins live in temperate regions like South Africa and one species live near the north of the equator called as Galapagos penguins.

Penguins that live in Hawaii are not the natural residents of the region; they have introduced some years back. Many of us will be surprised to know that there are penguins in Hawaii.

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Are there Penguins in Iceland?

Atlantic puffins on a clifftop

Penguins are one of the beautiful creatures on earth. And Iceland is one of the spectacular countries on earth. Imagining penguin in Iceland is quite a glad thing. But, we are unfortunate; there are no penguins in Iceland. There are many reasons why penguins not found in Iceland.

Penguins are endemic to Southern Hemisphere; they live in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic islands. Amongst the 17 species of penguins, one penguin species called Galapagos penguins live in the north of the equator. Iceland is in North Atlantic and it is a Nordic island country since it is in the Northern Europe and North Atlantic.

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How do Penguins Adapt to their Environment

Blubber Helps Penguins to Adapt to Cold Environment

Seeing the cute and cuddly penguins in harsh weather locations like Antarctica often brings this question to mind, how do penguins adapt to their environment? While some penguins like the emperor penguins stay in Antarctica through the harsh winter, other penguins like Galapagos penguins live in a moderate climate where they have adapted to the location they live in. There are several ways in which penguins have adapted to live in varying levels of adverse conditions.

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Are there Penguins in South America?

Rockhopper penguins in the Falkland Islands

Yes, penguins are endemic in South America. Amongst the 17 species of living penguins, there are about seven species of penguins living in South America. As we all know penguins are the habitat of Southern Hemisphere, it is also clear that South America is mostly a part of the Southern hemisphere.

Penguins spread in sovereign states like Argentina, Chile, Peru and non-sovereign area like the Falkland Islands, other islands like Galapagos Islands and sometimes South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are also considered to be a part with South America, which is also the places where penguins reside.

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How Many Eggs do Penguins Lay?

African penguin laying an egg

Penguins are flightless seabirds. There are a total of 17 living species of penguins. As any other birds, penguins also lay eggs. Female King Penguins and Emperor Penguins lay around one egg at a time whereas Adelie and other crested penguins are said to lay two eggs in one time. Little penguins also called as fairy penguins and African penguins sometimes lay three eggs at a time.

Each species of penguins are unique in characters, appearance and behaviors. Penguins’ breeding season also depends on the species and the region where they live. The annual breeding season of all the penguin species will be from spring through summer.

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