How Do Penguins Move?

Generally, birds have two modes of transportation one is flying, and the other is walking using feet on the land. Though penguins are flightless, they have adapted three modes of transport; they are swimming underwater, walking using feet on the ground, and one more is ‘tobogganing.’

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Are Penguins Color Blind?

Eyes present in the animals face help for clear vision, and provide sensitivity to identify the colors. Pixel quality depends upon the species of animals. Terrestrial animals like humans have 576-pixel clarity, and some other birds like eagles, falcons have more pixel vision than humans. But they become short-sighted or myopic when they are underwater,

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Can Penguins Breathe Underwater?

Penguins and humans share similar ability when it comes to breathing underwater. Like humans, penguins also cannot breathe underwater. Penguins cannot breathe underwater because they do not have gills. When they are in the ocean in search of prey they have to hold their breath. The duration of which they can hold their breath depends

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