How Are Penguins Not Extinct?

Penguins are the beautiful flightless bird which is always an attraction to the eyes of the people that glimpse the waddling cute little creatures.

Below are the reasons how penguins are not extinct.


Due to global warming, the penguins move to the Antarctic Polar Front in search of food and a good place to lay eggs and form a new habitat. By moving from one difficult place to other better place for survival. Since they have the good ability to swim long distance the movement is made reachable. Sometime the relocation may lead to the destruction of the eggs and the chicks due to lack of nutrients.

So there is proof that the penguins can come back, and the group most certainly will try to adapt to their shifting conditions by the new establishments. The situation is found in Bouvet Island by growing their strength on Heard and South Georgia Islands.

Emperor penguins purely depend on the ice to survive. But there are many other species of penguins that might adapt to the new surroundings.

Young Emperor penguins

Young Emperor penguins

Regulatory protection act for penguins plays a significant role in conserving the species:

The U.S. Endangered species act is a vital implement to safeguard the penguins. This act is a global action to protect the penguins. It is the strongest of all the laws that take safety measures to conserve the animals and plants that are in the brim of extinction.

The law includes the following deeds,

  • It brings their difficulties to the limelight
  • Enlightening the people about the problems they face, and
  • Developing resources and capitals for the research

There are also acts which offer protection for climate threats as well as non-climate threats. The U.S. central organization provides acknowledgment only to the projects which are less contributing to the greenhouse gas emissions and there are steps taken to evaluate the amount of threat that might be faced by the penguins. The government steps are encouraging the living of endangered wildlife.

Adaptations that make the penguins endure:

  • As huddling together makes them retain their heat, during high temperatures in the Antarctic they swim through the ocean for a longer time and keep themselves ready for the environmental change.
  • The diving depth of 550 meters helps them reach the food that other birds that usually cannot reach.
  • The surprising thing about the penguins is that even males make produce milk in the esophagus in the winter in advance before the mother lands on after fishing. Thus helping the survival of the chicks.

The adoption of penguins also helps in coping up the survival and minimizing the risk of extinction.

Phillip Island’s little penguin colony on the Summerland Peninsula has suffered substantial deviations in the last 150 years. European settlement led to a drastic change in the landscape. In 2011 the infrastructure was cleared by the government and paid way for the little penguin’s colony. Funding and the government also develop the vegetation.

Little penguin

Little penguin


The global penguin’s society joins the deed with the researchers and the conservationists to uplift the safety and living of the penguins’ community. The blameless and the spectacular species are not extinct because of the efforts that were taken by the governments and also by a few volunteers that adopt and safeguard them.

The conservation plans have been given importance to the species of penguins according to the vulnerability to threats. Penguins that make the world feel fantastic, should be protected and kept safe for the future to witness the same bliss. So, the extinction must not be the end of this amazing species.






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I got interested in penguins from a young age and as I grew I realized that penguins are such fascinating birds. I made it a mission to create a website where all information about penguins could be accessed in an easy to read format.

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