Penguins FAQ’s

What Do Penguins Eat

Have you ever wondered what do penguins eat? The answer varies according to the species of penguin. Some penguins can dive deeper into the cold waters and hunt for food there, while others make do with the food that’s available close to the water’s surface. Penguin diet includes different types of fish, krill, squid and […]

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Why Can’t Penguins Fly

If you have ever seen a penguin walk or swim, you must have wondered why can’t penguins fly. After all, penguins flippers look like wings, and their bodies are covered in feathers. Even when penguins swim through water, the swimming motion makes it look like they are flying. The reason behind the flightlessness of penguins

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Birds That Look Like Penguins

When it comes to birds and the variety of species in that family there is no restriction to look through and know about the beautiful creature on the internet. Penguins are one amongst the most elegant birds. They are found in the southern hemisphere near South America to Antarctica. These amazing flightless social birds are

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How High Can Penguins Jump

When someone asks you an amazing question regarding a spectacular species on the earth, there will be a kind of smile filling the silence of the answer unknown. It is always exciting to know about the most popular species especially the penguins. There will be a lot of questions arising in our mind when we

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Are Penguins Mammals?

Have you ever seen a penguin on TV, in a magazine, or in a zoo and asked yourself – are penguins mammals? This is a pretty common question and the answer is interesting as well. One reason why many people think that penguins are mammals is that penguins spend most of their time on land

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Do Penguins Have Knees?

Do penguins have knees? Looking at a penguin, this is one of the first questions to arise in a person’s mind. There is a simple reason behind this, penguins are often seen while standing or walking on snow and this can give an illusion that they don’t have knees. But nothing can be further from

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