Why Don’t Eskimos Hunt Penguins?

Penguins are not hunted by the Eskimos, because Eskimos live in the North Pole region, while penguins live in the South Pole region. It’s too far to paddle so the energy gained by consuming the meat of a penguin would not be enough to paddle that far and back in the North Pole.

Eskimos live in the Arctic which is the North Pole region, and the penguins live in the Antarctic which is South Pole region, they stay on the opposite sides of the Earth. Eskimos live near or in the Arctic circle in the northern hemisphere. Penguins are found on Antarctica and nearest islands.

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Eskimos do not hunt penguins, because penguins live exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere and do not share any common habitats with Yupik or Aleut and Inuit people.

Penguins are commonly not hunted by any groups of people, and those penguins live in and around Antarctica have no natural predators on land. The main predators of penguin populations elsewhere are marine animals, such as orcas, sharks and leopard seals.

Eskimos are indigenous peoples who have historically inhabited the circumpolar area from Russia or eastern Siberia, across the United States or Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. Penguins are a group of flightless birds, aquatic living almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. Both stay far as thousands of miles between them make it impossible an Eskimo can kill a penguin.

Inupiat Family from Noatak, Alaska, 1929, Edward S. Curtis

A family photo of an Inupiat Eskimo mother, father, and son, photographed in Noatak, Alaska, by Edward Sheriff Curtis circa 1929. The scan was made from a black and white film copy negative.

It is not sure that Eskimos will not eat a penguin, as they could import penguin meat or travel to Antarctica to eat a penguin. For ancient people, Eskimos is the name for North Americans, indigenous to and inhabiting, the arctic regions of Greenland, North America, and Siberia.  Eskimos are indigenous to the Arctic region and Penguins are indigenous to the Antarctic region. So probably an Eskimo has never seen a penguin.

Penguins, though clumsy and awkward on land are skilled hunters in the water. The female heads out to sea to hunt and male penguin tends for the chick.

In winter’s season, the Arctic has been acknowledged to be bitterly cold, long stretches for penguins. In some rare instances, the extended cold will freeze the ice pack so thick that the Eskimos rednecks of the super white north cannot hunt fish for food. When this takes place, the Eskimos face many lifestyles-threatening conditions.

Scientists have been baffled by using the invention that Eskimos will die of hunger as opposed to consuming penguin to live alive.





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