Why Do Penguins Poop On Each Other?

Penguins are also like other birds that eat, drink, sleep and poop too. But one strange thing that we notice about the penguins is that they usually poop on each other. Do you have any idea that why do penguins poop on each other?

Pooping is the nature call from which no animal, bird or human being can resist from doing. Penguins also poop when they have the urge to do it. The poop of the penguins is very useful for melting the frozen landscape of the ice.

Penguins Pooping at higher distance

Penguins Pooping at a higher distance

But the critical question of our article is that what makes the penguins poop on each other? Why do they so?

In the below article, we will throw some light on this question and will also tell you that whether penguins poop on each other or not and why.

What makes Penguins poop on each other?


It is true that penguins sometimes poop on each other, but that not done intentionally. There is lots of pressure and force in the poop of the penguins which is almost four times higher than the human’s poop. It makes the poop to throw away from the body of the penguins, and the poop sometimes hit the other penguins accidentally.

As soon as the penguin have the urge to empty the bowels, it gets to stand up on the nest’s edge, bend in the forward direction marginally, high its tail, and at that time bombard its poop away for around 40 centimeters. It might not look so much high to you, but when you see a 60 centimeters penguin throwing away the poop 40 centimeters away then, you can feel that it is lots of distance.

Is there any benefit of Penguins pooping on each other?

As such, there is no benefit of penguins pooping on each other. The benefits of the poop arise only when it drops on the land. But, when the poop of the penguins falls on the frozen landscape of the Antarctica region then, it helps the ice in melting for their young chick penguins so that they get perfect shelters in numerous bare rocky shelters. The chick that is abounding at penguin colony also found by their poop.

Penguins Pooing at Stone

Penguins Pooing at Stone

Humans might not consider their poop beneficial, but the penguins do. It plays an essential role in the breeding behavior of the penguins. It makes the snow to melt quickly when the birds gathered in big groups. They leave big and dark piles of poop that let the light from the fragile Antarctic sun to get more rapidly absorbed.

The Antarctic Gentoo penguins possess a very distinctive method of making their love nests by dispersion of their poop. They use their dark color poop for melting the snow on the breeding surface as this color can quickly absorb the extra heat arriving from the sun. It is still not proved that whether the penguins spread or throw their poop deliberately, but researchers consider it has provided them an evolutionary help.

How Penguin’s poops shoot up to the longer distance?

The penguin’s poop has lots of pressure that make them shoot up to longer distance from their butts inside a tight creek. They can easily rocket their poop for longer distances without exiting its nest.

One more reason behind the long-distance pooping of the penguins is that they devote a substantial time cleaning and preening their feathers. Maybe that is why these birds force their poop as distant as conceivable so that their feathers don’t get dirty. You will be surprised to know that the splashes of the poop discharge from the nest’s edge into the entire directions. It is still not proved that whether the penguin purposely selects the direction or the location influenced by the blowing wind’s direction during the period of evacuation.

Final word!

Here we reach the final destination of our article. We think now you know that why do penguins poop on each other and what is the main reason behind their actions.

The Penguins don’t have the purpose behind pooping on each other. It happens by mistake. At the time of pooping, there is lots of pressure built inside the birds that make them shoot their poop higher and in the longer distances. Thus, sometimes on the way of their launching of the rocket poop, few penguins get hit accidentally.

At last, if you still have any query about the above article that is knocking off your mind then, don’t hesitate in asking us. We will solve your question as soon as possible. If you have any info related to the above topic then, please share with us here. It will help us in making our article more informative and helpful for the dear readers like you.


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