How Fast Can Penguins Swim?

Have you ever wondered that how fast can penguins swim? Well! Penguins are an incredible creation of the god that lives in the southern hemisphere. These aquatic birds have some unusual traits that make them different from the other birds. You can’t imagine that the penguins can swim more quickly than a human swimmer. Do …

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Are Penguins Warm Blooded?

When we look at penguins, there will be many questions in mind on the trot. One of the questions amongst the children and many of us are, are penguins cold-blooded or warm-blooded? The answer is warm-blooded. Before going into the detailed explanation about the answer, let us know, what do cold-blooded and warm-blooded refers to.

Do Penguins Have Ears?

While looking at the head of the beautiful penguin, you can easily see the beak, eyes and the tongue of this aquatic animal also if their mouth is open. But have you seen its ears? So, what you think that do penguins have ears? People usually overlook the presence of the ears of any animal …

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Are Puffins Penguins?

Have you ever got a chance to see the penguins and the puffins together? Do they look same to you? Do they have any common similarity? There are numerous questions that people ask us related to the puffins and penguins, and one of the typical queries among them is “Are puffins penguins”? It is true …

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Are there Penguins in Alaska?

Have you ever wondered, are there penguins in Alaska? Well, the short answer is that there are no penguins in Alaska. In fact, penguins exist only in the southern hemisphere with a large number of them living in Antarctica. Out of 18 species of penguins found all over the globe, eight species of penguins are …

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How Much Do Penguins Weigh?

According to the ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information System), there are about 19 different species of penguin; all these species of penguins weigh different. Penguins weigh from a range of 2 to 90 pounds depending on the species of the penguin and the stage of their breeding cycle. The little blue penguins are found near the …

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Where do King Penguins Live?

King penguins are the second-largest species of living penguins which falls after the Emperor penguins. The Emperor penguins are the largest of all and they resemble the King penguins which always had been a confusion to discriminate against these species.

Are There Penguins in Africa?

When we speak about penguins many of us visualize the beautiful penguins in the snow and ice spread Antarctica. Do you know there are penguins in Africa? Yes, there are penguins in Africa. They live in a warmer climate when compared to the other species of penguins.

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