Children’s Book About Penguins

Penguins are adorable. From their striking hues to their odd waddle, they are the most attractive animals.

Some penguin species have lived in large groups with other penguins for most of their lives. A penguin rookery is a large group of penguins.

Everything they do, including eating, swimming, hunting, and nesting, is done together.

Emperor penguins would huddle together to stay warm in Antarctica, where the temperature is severely cold.

Penguins have a characteristic sound or cry to find mates and offspring in large groups of up to 1,000 penguins!

Despite being birds, penguins are unable to fly. They are flightless birds who prefer swimming in the ocean’s icy waters. They can swim swiftly after plunging deep into the water.

Many people mistakenly assume penguins are mammals since they can’t fly. On the other hand, Penguins have all the biological characteristics of birds, including feathers, laying eggs, and maintaining a warm body temperature.

Penguins live on land for half of their lives and in the water for the rest. Their wings have developed to act as flippers, swimming quite well.

They have black and white feathers that help them blend in with their surroundings while keeping them warm throughout the cold winter months.

Today, we will dive deep and understand – ” Children’s Books About Penguins” Are you ready? Let’s go!

Children’s Books About Penguins

1) “Ten Playful Penguins” By Emily Ford

“Hip, hip, hurrah!” exclaim ten happy penguins. A great day consists of delicious food, friendly people, and fun.

Touchable plastic penguins vanish as you turn the pages of this zoo journey in this beautiful rhyming book!

Count as ten curious penguins pay a visit to their animal buddies. This book is a lively, exciting novelty narrative that will appeal to young readers.

2) “Pierre the Penguin”- A True Story By Jean Marzollo

In Pierre the Penguin: A True Story, this heartwarming true story is expertly told in rhyming text by noted I SPY author Jean Marzollo.

The pictures on each page help show how Pierre’s creativity and ingenuity saved his life.

Pierre refuses to swim due to a lack of warmth. A wetsuit is ready for Pierre with some innovative thinking from a biologist, and he’s soon swimming and developing feathers again.

3) “Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice” By Steve Metzger

Five tiny penguins are slipping and sliding on the Ice. Oh, no! One of them has fallen! There are now only four penguins remaining!

4) “Penguins Love Their ABC’s” By Sarah Aspinall

Six of the cutest penguins have set out on an exciting Alphabet Hunt, a fun adventure where Mama has buried all of the alphabet letters in the snow.

Each letter has a hint to help you follow it (an “apple” leads to “a”). After the fun Alphabet Hunt, it’s time to chow down on a big bowl of Mama’s delicious alphabet soup, which also contains hidden words.

The penguins all love their ABCs, but not nearly as much as Mama Penguin, who holds them all in a loving, soothing embrace.

5) “Penguin in Love” By Salina Yoon

Penguin is hunting for love one day and instead gets a mitten. He weaves his way through a blizzard to an unexpected encounter while trying to find the mitten’s owner.

6) “Penguins, Penguins, everywhere!” By Bob Barner

Penguins are swimming in the sea while sliding on their stomachs! Penguins are hugging and hiding in the shade for warmth! Penguins, Penguins, everywhere!

Bob Barner, an award-winning author and artist uses vibrant collage images and quirky lyrics to create a humorous, lively, and educational introduction to the world of penguins.

The straightforward prose is suitable for younger readers. Still, the abundance of penguin facts, including the “Penguin Parade” with information on all 17 penguin species, makes it an excellent pick for older readers as well.

7) “Bye, Penguin!” By Sean Lee

As a brave globe-trotting penguin floats on an ever-shrinking slab of Ice by global landmarks, follow along in this captivating wordless voyage.

8) “Penguin and Pinecone”- A Friendship Story By Salina Yoon

A Penguin and Pinecone’s friendship blossoms into something special when a curious little Penguin discovers a lost pinecone in the snow!

On the other hand, Grandpa reminds Penguins that pinecones don’t belong in the snow but rather in the warm forest far away. Is it possible for Penguin to assist Pinecone in returning home? And, even if they’re thousands of miles apart, can they stay friends?

In this touchingly lovely story, friendship lasts forever. Salina Yoon’s sparse language and vibrant, energetic illustrations bring this heart-warming story of lost and found bonds, as well as overcoming challenges to live with the person you love.

9) “Be Brave, Little Penguin” By Giles Andreae

“Be Brave, Little Penguin” is a picture book by the authors of the bestselling “Giraffes Can’t Dance.”

This feel-good rhyming story, written in the style of Giles Andreae, offers a positive message of confidence and self-esteem.

Guy Parker-Rees’ illustrations, which are full of humor and warmth, will help to make this touching story a family favorite.

Penguin, Little Pip-Pip would want to go swimming in the sea with his friends, but there’s just one problem: he’s afraid of water.

Will Pip-Pip be able to overcome his worries and take the plunge? This captivating narrative demonstrates that all it takes is a little bit of encouragement and a lot of heart to accept that leap of faith and be ultimately bold!

10) “Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups” By Tadgh Bentley

Little Penguin is suffering from a severe case of the HIC! Hiccups.

It all started with chili night last week. He’s tried everything since then to get rid of them, but nothing HIC! has worked.

Little Penguin is eager to give it a shot when his friend Franklin says that a good scare would do the trick. After eating chili, Little Penguin developed a bad case of hiccups.

“Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups,” by rookie author-illustrator Tadgh Bentley, is a beautifully humorous tale of icebergs, chili, and playful surprises that places the reader at the center of the story.

11) “Antarctic Antics” By Judy Sierra

Slips, slides, and penguins celebrate glides in poetry and song in this Antarctic Antics.

Antarctic Antics

This collection of amusing poems chronicles the emperor penguins’ daily escapades from hatching and feeding through raising and wooing.

12) “Penguins” By Jill Esbaum

The Explore My World Penguins book features beautiful photos and the appropriate text for children aged 3 to 7.

Children will learn about penguins and how adult penguins care for their young in this book.

Curious children will be enthralled to learn about the fascinating world of penguins, including the extraordinary extent to which they will go to safeguard their young and the critical link that exists between newborn penguins and their parents.

13) “The Emperor’s Cool Clothes” By Lee Harper

Until he meets the Rogue brothers, the emperor can never find the perfect outfit to make clothes so unique that only the most incredible people can see them. A clever, funny adaptation of the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale.

14) “One Cool Friend” By Toni Buzzeo

One excellent Friend, Elliot, reluctantly attends the aquarium with his distracted father, gently asks if he can have a penguin, then pulls one from the penguin pool and places it in his bag.

Elliot’s father’s unexpected announcement followed the excitement of caring for a penguin in a New England Victorian home.

15) “National Geographic Kids Readers, Penguins Science Readers Level 2” By Anne Schreiber

The Penguins, of course! Excellent facts and photographs about penguins in the National Geographic Science Reader book. There is just enough information to keep children interested without being overly long.

Penguins Science Readers Level 2

This book is an excellent approach to introducing the skill of information reading. The popular subject will entice children to acquire fundamental science vocabulary while honing their reading skills.

16) #12 Eve of the Emperor Penguin, A Merlin Mission” By Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie continue their search for happiness’s secrets, which they need to save Merlin. This time, the Magic Tree House transports them to Antarctica, a continent they had never seen before.

What can kids possibly learn about happiness in such a desolate setting? The penguins are the only ones who know for sure.

17) “The Emperor’s Egg” By Martin Jenkins

Another instructional book describing the emperor penguin’s life cycle is The Emperor’s Egg.

We like to compare the information presented in each book when reading numerous nonfiction books on the same topic to discover the Emperor’s Egg facts.

The Emperor’s Egg is a fascinating book about penguins and their arctic environments. It’s an exciting and fun way to learn about penguins. With a complete index, it’s a fantastic reference book for youngsters in kindergarten and higher.

18) “The Penguin and the Pea” By Janet Perlman

The Penguin Prince is sad and lonely, and he longs to marry the perfect penguin princess. Then, on a stormy night, a drenched and disheveled penguin claims to be a princess and comes to the castle.

The prince is enamored with the enigmatic and gorgeous stranger. Is she, however, a princess? On the other hand, the Queen is concerned that this Penguin, who claims to be a princess, is a fake and needs her to test to prove she is royalty.

19) “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” By Richard Atwater, Florence Atwater

For years, youngsters have been enthralled by the exploits of a house painter and his family of high-stepping penguins, making it a classic of American humor.

“This is a book that groups of people of all ages can read. In the entire story, there isn’t a single excess or misplaced word.” The Horn Book says: Honor Book for the Newbery Medal.

20) “Evil Emperor Penguin” By Laura Ellen Anderson

A beautiful comic story for young readers about an Evil Emperor Penguin who wants to rule the world: it’s a little bit of Despicable Me, a little bit of Pinky and the Brain, and a little bit of Happy Feeling is all in good fun!

21) “Lost and Found” By Oliver Jeffers

A young kid who discovers a penguin on his doorstep is Lost and Found. He goes to tremendous efforts to assist the Penguin in returning home.

After leaving his new penguin companion behind, he realizes he’s looking for the wrong thing. This novel tells the story of an unexpected friendship.

The boy discovers that the Penguin wasn’t lost but rather lonely during their voyage. A lovely story on friendship and the vastness of human emotions.

22) “Baby Penguins Love Their Mama” By Melissa Guion

It is a charming and adorable story about a mother penguin who looks after her young and teaches them essential life lessons. The cute penguin actions are covered, including waddling, swimming, fishing, sliding, and more!

23) “Penguin Problems” By Jory John

Penguin has had enough. He’s whining about everything: how he looks foolish when he waddles, how salty the ocean is, and how everyone looks like him.

Then he meets a wise walrus who teaches him to see the glass as half-full. You’ll have a hard time maintaining a straight face when reading this in your grumpiest voice.

24) “Penguin Pete” By Marcus Pfister

A little penguin too young to swim, Pete is a Penguin Pete board book.

Penguin Pete is a short story about his shore escapades as he waits for the great day to swim for the first time.

Penguin Pete will appeal to children awaiting a milestone or watching with bated breath as bigger siblings participate in activities for which they are still too young.

25) “Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice” By Steve Metzger

The counting rhyme Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice is a funny take on the classic. It’s a charming fable that teaches kids how to count backward.

26) “If You Were a Penguin” By Florence Minor

“If You Were a Penguin” was one of my favorite penguin novels to read in class. It’s ideal for teaching kids how to see themselves as penguins.

27) “Up and Down” By Oliver Jeffers

The boy in Up and Down tries to teach his Penguin to fly. During this time, the two embark on a quiet excursion.

28) “Penguin on Vacation” By Salina Yoon

In Penguin on Vacation, Penguin must get away from the snow, so he travels to a sunny beach. But it wasn’t quite what he expected until he met a nice crab who showed him how to have a good time on the beach.

When Crab chooses to return home with Penguin, Penguin is delighted to return the favor, forming a lasting relationship.

29) “A Penguin Story” By Antoinette Portis

In A Penguin Story, Edna the Penguin examines the blue, white, and black hues surrounding her, confident that there must be more. She goes out to discover it, and when she succeeds, she is overjoyed. Her penguin pals are as well.

When she eventually discovers, it’s everything she’d hoped for and more. That’s not to say she won’t keep looking.

30) “Penguin” By Polly Dunbar

Penguin by Polly Dunbar is a beautiful story to discuss voice with children.

A young child is given a penguin as a gift, but he is unhappy when the Penguin refuses to communicate with him.

Kids will chuckle at the boy’s antics to persuade him to talk, and they will be shocked by what finally works—this story highly amuses kids.

Final Thoughts

In this list, we have provided you with a selection of the best fiction and nonfiction penguin books for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Hope your childerns books about penguins ends here.

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