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What Color are Penguins?

Fiordland penguin

The most adorable birds on earth are the penguins. The black and white color on their body is common in almost all the species of penguins. But, there is some distinct coloration along with the black and white body respective to the species.

Penguins are mostly in the Southern hemisphere and one species in the Galapagos Islands live on the equator. Not every penguin live in the cold temperature, some species also live in temperate regions. Their color, features and characteristics vary from region and species.

Many matured penguins have a black back and white front. The fairy penguins also called as little and blue penguins have blue coloration instead of black. The significantly discriminated species of penguins can be the rockhopper and the macaroni penguins. The yellow or orange feathers over their eyes stand distinct from other penguins.

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